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DisneylandForward is a long-term planning effort among Disney, the city, and the community. We remain committed to reaching out and sharing our vision. If you would like to be notified of future community meetings, or have questions about DisneylandForward, please share your interest with our team on our Contact page, here.

We need to plan and prepare for the future to continue to deliver the world-class experience our guests demand. We realize that in order to invest in a way that makes sense, not just for Disney but our entire community we need to seek out ways to create integrated experiences. In order to do that, we need updated development approvals from the city. The public review and approval process will take time. Starting today this process will allow us to take the first step forward.

We are at the very beginning stages of the process. While the project will be refined over time, we hope to explore the creation of integrated experiences featuring new theme park attractions, dining, retail, hotel, and more. Right now, we don’t have any specific projects planned for the future. To be clear, Disney is not seeking any public funding for DisneylandForward, nor are we seeking additional square footage or hotel rooms beyond what is currently approved and allowed. Rather, we are simply asking to update our existing approvals to allow for integrated development to be located and built on Disney properties.

This effort will be privately funded by Disney. Disney is not seeking any public funding as a part of DisneylandForward.

We are not announcing any future projects at this time. Currently, we are focused on meeting with the community to explain DisneylandForward and working with the City of Anaheim to review and ultimately approve the project. These updated approvals are necessary as they will allow us to explore new integrated and immersive experiences that could include adding new theme park attractions without having to remove and replace treasured rides and attractions.

Our focus at the moment is to reach out into the community to share DisneylandForward with residents and stakeholders and answer questions about DisneylandForward. With DisneylandForward, we will have the opportunity to bring integrated and immersive development to the Anaheim Resort area that could include hotels, dining, entertainment and theme parks, all in one area.

Disney is committed to ensuring that there is sufficient parking to serve the Disneyland Resort for years to come. The City approved parking on the eastside of the Anaheim Resort area as part of our 1990s approvals. In the future we envision parking structures on the eastside as we grow and invest. We remain committed to working with Harbor Boulevard businesses to develop planning and operating guidelines that address accessibility to area businesses and take into account their concerns.

The Disneyland Resort has made significant investments over the years in parking and mobility throughout the Anaheim Resort area culminating in the Pixar Pals parking structure which has significantly increased parking supply in the Anaheim Resort area. Parking, transportation, transit, and pedestrian safety investments are an important part of the future, and will be considered with any projects made possible as a result of DisneylandForward. In fact, as part of this process, the City will be updating the existing environmental impact report for The Disneyland Resort Project, which will include a thorough analysis of potential environmental impacts and will identify mitigation measures to address and reduce impacts.

DisneylandForward will allow Disney to invest in the resort area in an integrated and immersive way. Any development made possible because of DisneylandForward will in turn create jobs both during the construction phase, as well as during operations. We expect the impact of any development made possible by DisneylandForward to be far reaching.

We are at the very beginning phases of the public approval process for DisneylandForward and our goal at this time is to reach out to the community and share DisneylandForward with Anaheim residents and stakeholders.

As proven from past Disney investment, when Disney invests in a major way, the entire region grows, which in turn creates jobs, taxes, and additional revenues to the city which fund essential services such as fire, police, and schools.

We saw this play out firsthand with the development made possible by the approvals in the 1990s. As a result of that investment, Anaheim welcomed Disney California Adventure Park, Anaheim’s first luxury hotel Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, and Downtown Disney District, all of which significantly increased the number of jobs in the resort area and revenues to the city.

DisneylandForward would clear the way for Disney to continue to invest in the Anaheim Resort in a meaningful way. Any development projects made possible because of DisneylandForward, would in turn result in major job creation and additional revenues to the city.

As part of this process, the City will be updating the existing environmental impact report for The Disneyland Resort Project, which will include a thorough analysis of potential environmental impacts and will identify mitigation measures to address and reduce impacts.

While no one could have predicted the far-reaching impacts of COVID-19, our community is resilient. DisneylandForward is a vital planning effort and outreach was conducted virtually during COVID-19 and continues with in person outreach to this day.